A painful memory

Written by: zoya amreen

My life- so ABSURD!
I thought to go up very high just like a bird
As the days passed on-
My life became like an unstable castle of mud
My school life has been a piece of shit
In school buses got punishment for no reason-
"Yes you! from now on this is your permanent seat where you have to sit"
My life kept changing like seasons
Never stable always like a torn label
I was forced to leave my friends
Not to follow any kind of new trends
I gave as much love as I could to them
But back stabbing was the very response that they used to send
My life became like a burden to me
Have got no money with me 
Or else would have already flee!
Would have preferred living with the loneliness and just me
I handled everyone's emotions
But hey now I am sad can't you see?
The above mentioned lines are the hell that goes on with me!!!