Angels Without Wings

Written by: William Morrissey

              Angels Without Wings

Sometimes there are angels at our doorstep
Who are sent from heaven above
Angels from Earth, at our doorstep
Who are here to guide us and show us love

They often show up in the darkest night
When danger is just around the corner
And nothing seem to be going right
Believe in love, mercy and the avid learner

There are things which are not easily understood
When in a life-and-death situation
Think of all the people who could help, and that eternal good
This is not the only time to call on the master of creation

If in the raging ocean and drowning in the sea of despair
Sinking deeper into this place of no return
A powerful hand that seem to guide with great care
Suddenly, gasping for air upon the  sands, the flesh to burn

A man who stands beside that almost life-less body, he is heaving and shaking
To smile, walk away and disappear into the distance
It must be a Heavenly or an Earthly angel in the making
Happy to rest on this beach, without any resistance

William Morrissey 9/25/07