Written by: Judy Konos

I have very few friends since I stood up for you, 
because I believe in the things that you do!
 I feel the justice you're determined to bring
 And you never exclude, not one living thing! .

When I walk through my halls and glance at the walls,
 Your photo assures me you're there,
 As you look down and smile like a frolicsome child
 I know that you really do care!

You're my feeling of happiness that comes from within
 The first time I heard you ...I knew you were friend 
You are the very best President America has had
 And far more important, you're such a great dad! .

May God keep you safe tucked under his wing
 and continue to guide you to do the right thing
 Just know that I "feel" your struggles each day 
And if you need help..... I'll be right on my way! 

Contest - Republican Vs Democrats 
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