Awake Sweet Stolen Dream

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

       "Awake Sweet Stolen Dream"

I wandered outside my conscious element of thought
drifting into wonderlust of dreamland sequences like photographs
as I inhaled fragrant winds gliding upon gossamer wings
of lace and satin, streaming through pink cotton candy clouds.

I touched a rainbow traveling warp speed to rendezvous
with my lover, who appeared at my sheer will's emotion
for I had cast a magic spell upon his heart with hypnotic trance
he, helpless, had no recourse but to obey my dreamy wishes.

I tantalized my lovers' soul with happy innuendo as my muse
in dreams, love escalates to ultimate desire without penalty
then, suddenly, a rival resonated her displeasure of my game
fury of the White Witch chased me with her fiery wand, to mame.

my delicate dream evolved into nightmarish tone of fearfulness
as she drew closer, I realized consequences to treat love frivolously
so blatantly. as my tender tears urged my mind desperately to
awake from sweet stolen dream whose horror left me breathless.

in panic state secreting droplets of perspiration on flesh and bone
I released my fair silky skin from black lace negligee' trying
to open sleepy eyes of green stinging from tears of sorrow
peering across the bed, your warmth still lying there to caress.

that night I made a vow to cherish love so good and true
for dreams are predictors; omens of future events to come
waking to reality I treasure the beauty of love, not as a toy
to trifle with, as love will banish nightmares from realm of dreams.

as I awake from my sweet stolen dream of  wanton folly
my heart is renewed in spirit with a softer side to dwell
among Angels rather than the evil dark side of manipulation
I now know Heaven is real .. and so is Hell.

*For Leonora's Waking Up Contest.
*Nov. 14, 2012.