In Your Tears

Written by: robert johnson

Cold as ice, the blood flows through our viens.
But in our weakest moments, a tear still stains.
We've learned so well, these hurtful games.
We're different people with the same old names.

We're not quite as different as we tend to think.
We're just a little older and a little lost in the drink.
You swear you know what's going on, but it's not as it appears.
I think we're very much alike, I see it in your tears.

We're drifting in a sea of solitude where niether knows the way.
With fogged in minds afraid of what the other just might say.
Two tortured souls with pain filled hearts.
Trying very hard to remember how love starts.

The sun refuses not to shine somewhere upon this earth.
The dark cloud loses when the dateline bears the day's rebirth.
And kindness slowly melts away the emptiness of years.
When you look them in their eyes and they see you in your tears.