my first time

Written by: nancy muthoni

I truely lack words to explain it bt,
Anyway I will try,

Despite the fact that I had 1 or 2,
That is something I will never forget, 
Because everyday the episode Must,
Yes, Must occure not once nor any 
countable number bt several times, 

He too was abit tipsy n so...........,
Everything was down hill,
Meaning none of us sufered the 
shyness as it was already taken care 

From the way he looked at me,
 Blinkd at me,teasd me with his 
tongue, to the moment we could no 
longer stand the 100 cm btwn us,

Ooh! The walmth of his hands,
The way they shoke/trembled,
The magic they did to my entire 

Starting with making me lick my, 
Lips just to ensure i swallowd  all 
the mixd emotions,if only I he wld 
sink whole into my body n we 
become one,

My goodness, there was soo much 
to learn, sooo much emotions to 
encounter n file on my mind till 

The entire night we never slept n 
even if it were u wld u sleep?
I thought so too, so we as well did nt 
let go off each other, 

I was tought what to do n how, 
practically with as minimal theory as 

To this date  it is all  there on my 
mind and each moment that I 
replay the episode I just hope to see 
him some day

Sorry I almost forgot,
We  are talking about my first time 
to love a guy at first site. So that he 
may complete his lesson because 
that one night time was not on our 
side due to his persistence on