My Maiden Visit with Jen

Written by: Gerald Nforche

Number II of 

I implore thee Jen
Listen to the call of my heart
And to th’appel of my tongue-
I beseech thee to listen while
My tender heart goes ding-dong.

There exists no fuller joy
Than when my arms enwrap thee.
There is no fuller bloom
Than when I listen to thee pipe.

I have watched thee play in the hay
And heard your songs whispered the breeze
Heard the birds play your name. 

I have watched your very innocence while my heart
Blooms like a thousand daffodils in autumn’s joys.

Before thee I genuflect, eyes watered
With the mist of my gleeful love.
My legs collapse before thee in wonder.

Lift me up, lift me up!
Am I no mortal? Am I not?
Why let me suffer this way?
Just give me back that strength I need
By those three words that fuel the Soul.