My Enemy: A Reoccuring Dream

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

"I'll kill everyone in your family, all your friends, everyone you've ever cared about,"
 My formidable enemy now facing me boasts and shouts.
 "Walk now away from me and I'll let you and yours be,"
 my enemy continued on saying to me,
 "but challenge me and I'll slaughter you most savagely and slowly
 after I've butchered every loved one, every friend, every member of your family.
 The choice is yours. I suggest that you choose wisely."
 I then spit upon the face of my formidable enemy.
 "You don't intimidate me or any of my loved ones or family,"
 I proceed to scream back at my enemy and shout,
 "One of us will now die and I could care less if it's I
 because there isn't anybody left in my life who I care about."
 "Then so it shall be," responds my enemy coldly
 as we both lock gaze upon each other most threateningly.
 My enemy then charges me fiercely.
 I can not move. I can not flee.
 I can not back down. It's now either my enemy or me,
 ...and then that's when I wake up usually.
 Damn, one could read volumes in my above reoccuring dream.