Written by: Ajayi Angel-Simon


Within the bones of the ribs lies the heart  
A place where our feelings depart

Within the soul of the heart lies the mind
A place where no visible eyes can find

Within the thought of the mind is a man made
A place where good and bad is laid
A place where joy and sorrow spring
A place where light and darkness we bring
A place where angels and demons fight
A place where war is made between black and white…

Was the world and its beauty not conceived in God’s mind?
Or we beautiful creatures not made as his kind?

We produce what we think
When stagnant, we stink
When overweighed, we sink

The mind is the home of divinity
The palace of creativity
The peak of youthful versatility
The throne of utmost possibility
The realm of endless positivity
The path to man’s vitality

Minds like ant-ridden faggots
Will produce but maggots

If darkness covers our hearts like blanket
If immorality adorns our minds like trinket
If avarice ravages our mind
We rise, we fall; we see yet we are blind

For our minds to be filled with light
For our minds to be free of fright
For our minds to be bright
And be a place of God’s delight

For our minds to fight the good fight
For our minds to travel on genius flight
For our minds to be washed and be white
We need to be renewed and think right

It has to be purified
To be a place where God is glorified;
It has to be transformed 
To be a place where godliness is formed