one day i'll move on

Written by: Isabel vicuna

 You left without giving me a reason 
Couldn't you feel my pain every 
That i would cry.

I was a fool for letting you play with 
me like a
 toy. But i was too in love to just let 
you walk out and  go.

But how can it be that you have 
already moved on. And what in the 
world do you mean you found a 
new girl.

I feel it was just yesterday when you 
would hold me in your arms. You'd 
tell me how we belonged together 
and will never be apart.

Now i find myself in the emptiness 
of feelings forcing my heart to 
understand that you no longer want 
to be with me.

So many nights I've cried myself to 
sleep along with a thumping. 
Headache.  Shamefully wishing it 
was me the girl that you'll be 

Now i know how it feels to be numb 
heart and soul but its taking too 
much of me to simply stay under 

The pain is too much i just brake 
down and cry. But i cant fight the 
feeling its killing me inside.

But the day will come when i no 
longer cry another tear. And sweet 
words from my mouth you will 
never again hear

This love isl still have for you will 
one day turn to dust. and i dont 
know how but i will also move on