I was only acting puckish

Written by: john bernard

Stretched my toes and curled
Twisting as I twirled
Coffee stirred and swirled
Good morning to the world

I am rich beyond belief
Was falling like a leaf
Heart stolen by a thief
Now lost of all my grief

It's what your eyes can see
That something's found in me
The same since I was wee
True love is that the key

From what I feel inside
I never run and hide
My eyes are open wide
And take all things in stride

To all who say they know me
I say really what do you see
If they tell me what I should be
Then I tell them just to blow me

If you tell me what to publish
I will tell you that is rubbish
If then you try to punish
I was only acting puckish

Running out of words
Stopped bursting in like herds
Like running out of herbs
It is strictly for the birds

While in my writing fun
I've wrote an endless pun
Now that I am done
Its time my pen to shun