Metal Demons

Written by: Radeka Roum

Metal demons haunt me so.
Towards my skin, their lust doth grow
When violaceous ribbons line the sky,
With saline crystals up so high,
Their voices at night do I hear,
Sweetly caressing my worthless ears.

Metal demons haunt me so,
Invading my thoughts, to and fro.
When the violet hour has come for me,
Echoing the words of a deep red sea,
Pulling my heart into an endless abyss,
They promise me that euphoric bliss.

Metal demons haunt me so.
With a shadowy complexion and metallic glow, 
With obsidian eyes and a silver tongue
On its cold hard edge my heart is strung.
Kissing away all the tears and pain,
They numb my arm with every stain.

Metal demons haunt me so,
Demanding a nick or a crimson flow.
A line across my alabaster skin,
Establishing a bond of blood and kin,
Drowning my sorrows in a sanguine pool,
These hellish beasts begin their rule.

Metal demons haunt me so.
Taking control of all I know.
Reality melts into an old familiar sting
For darkness has taken me under its wing.
My soul has finally floated away
My body’s prepped for them all to play.