Written by: Tim Ryerson

Dion Warwick shook me awake this morning
unfairly accusing me of being a 'Heartbreaker'

Over coffee, Neil Diamond chimed in
with his girlfriend 'Sweet Caroline'

The Allman Brothers piled in my car
and did a punishing version of 'Whippin' Post'

J. S. Bach pranced with precision beside me at work
conducting 'Brandenburg Concertos'

Cocky ole Waylon Jennings relieved him after lunch
braggin' that he was a 'Honky-Tonk Hero'

Aretha Franklin nagged me all the way home
claiming I didn't show enough 'Respect'

Jimi Hendrix freaked me out in the shower
with a shocking dose of 'Purple Haze'

Had dinner at 'MacArthur's Park' with Donna Summer
(They served some rather soggy cake for dessert)

Then the whole gang treated me to an evening concert
by the Royal Scottish Bagpipes performing 'Amazing Grace'

Wiping my tears, I bid them God's speed and goodnight
Can't WAIT to see who's on tap for tomorrow...