Barney, Hilda and Clyde

Written by: Jack Ellison

Meet the happy couple
That's Hilda all in white
Barney's there beside her
Loves her with all his might

They're an interracial couple
No problem nowadays
Frowned on not too long ago
But today it's a-okay 

Met at the local horse saloon
Frequented by the equine crowd
She was a pretty show horse
He was boisterous and loud

Pretty soon, she tamed him
Settled him down just fine
Any filly would be proud to say
That stud over there is mine

Soon, a couple of months go by
Hilda's expecting a son
The happy couple race around
High hoof-ing everyone

Had a colt, called him Clyde
So proud of their little guy
Running through peaceful pastures
Then off to the clouds they fly

You can see this happy couple at night
When you view the evening sky
The three stars south of Orion
Are Barney, Hilda and Clyde

© Jack Ellison 2012