Edge Of Black, Edge Of Grey

Written by: Shannon ChemicalEyes

Scrape me from the floor before you curse these blackened paths,
I’ll throw your name to the sky as my eyes bubble under the sun.
Why must we wait when we’ve been at this for so long?
My chest caves in like contently crossed fingers..

I can never tell how far we’ve wandered once sleep sets in.
Forever in loop, forever we circle,
Gnawing at the ropes only grinds down our teeth.
(Only accepted once the veil has dropped)
Like a piano missing teeth, we watch them grow back,
but their roots have been removed, their strings have all been chewed.
I can never tell where we are once the singing has stopped..

As I rolled out my arms like red carpets to the entrance,
Rejected, they spring back like furious coils.
The spider paparazzi are now knots in my hair,
And before I could pull, the syrup of their glue had eaten it’s way through,
climbed down my skin, and they grind at my bones with satisfied grins.