Written by: Zhian Mostofi

Think of all the magic it could bring
If you could enunciate that earth-shattering meme
That toy of a mess, that joke of suffering
Think of all the portraits that would immediately be torn out the window
With Alice, we know not where to...
The White Rabbit spoke to you between the key notes
But the sounds of machines, sirens and mobile chirps
Captured your image better than ever before.
Now the novel is writ in adamantine
Driving Murder She Wrote
On wheels of quite a rather unusual spoke

Notes denote the libraries of what I could have written
By ink, by digital portation
Nevertheless, the static you are now picking up on your surveillance boats
Is directed as words that are all already in the boats themselves
Need proof? - well,
That's what YOU are here for
To say what has not yet been said, by you
And to walk into the sunlight

Knowing the River's Run between a desire and a mating call
Between a moment,
And Two