the Fisherman

Written by: Francine Roberts

I watch him through the window,
sitting there, in the rain.
He's trying to catch 'the big one'.
Sometimes I think he's insane.

No matter what the weather
he'll sit outside with his rod
trying to catch 'the big one',
praying to his 'fish-god'.

He's not in my way at all.
I can do my chores in peace,
at least until he finally gives up
and his attempt for the day will cease.

He is a true fisherman,
in the sun or in the rain,
not giving up on his dream
of catching 'the big one' again.

I'll put more wood on the fire.
He'll be cold when he decides he's done.
Oh wait ! ... he's coming in early
and with... Oh my ! ...  'the big one'.

inspired by Seren Roberts painting "the Fisherman"