Written by: William Hughes

Do i have the right to be jealous
When other guys around you my thoughts get hellish
When others make you laugh or smile
I want to use my foot and boot them a mile

Yet on you i have no claim
Your not mine i have no game
Who ever knew a dream could be so vivid
When ever i see you, or hear your voice in it

Lady i love you today
And i will love you tomorrow
In my heart you will stay
But my claims on you are hollow

Heart breaking has me shaking i can't stand the rain
My love forsaken from your heart and i feel the pain
The image is in my head i just wish i could live it
Jealousy is my wound and i just pray i can heal it

Just another girl who wasn't into me
How many others? lost count around infinity
Forgive me its just another bout of jealousy
I have no claim because you don't even think of me