Written by: Anna Daavettila

Part One: Scream

I am wrong.  
Wrong hair, wrong clothes, wrong me.
This sugar coated death surrounds me, this candy cigarette.
This death that is slow, uncertain, yet sure.  When everyone chooses
not to see what is Wrong.
My only wish is that it wasn't so slow; the time dripping away like a sickeningly sweet syrup.
I will never make it out of here.
I will never be able to escape the crushing unfamiliarity of my life.
I scream, but no one hears.

Part Two: Whisper

The walls of this self-imposed solitude close in around me.  
Try to forget, try to forget.
If I forget, maybe it never happened.
Maybe my identity will settle into place, and  I can survive.
But for now, I hide.
I hide because it's easy.  Because it's safe.
I hide so I can breathe.
Even though my breath is only a whisper.

Part Three: Speak

Just like spring always follows even the darkest of winters, I no longer hide.
I dig in the dirt, forcing myself to be grounded, to be real.
Now is the time to grow.  The past is past, but the future is yet to come.
I will never forget, but not forgetting is a kind of strength.
One I will hold on to with every fiber of my being.
I am no longer screaming, no longer hiding and whispering.
I speak;
and the world listens.