Written by: Paula Larson

What about this year,
where will I go
I'm not like them
They're just for show!

I'm losing heart
I used to care,
they never write
or call, or share!

The persons that I love the most
are far too busy to play host
it just goes on ~ year after year,
they're doing well, while I'm just here!

My friend will stop
she always does,
a heart of gold,
a long lost "cuz!"

It makes me sad
why bother then
she has her own
I'm just a friend!

A relative must need a home
somewhere, someone, belongs, unknown,
I wish them welcome, cost not prone
a homeless soul feels lost, alone!

I'll go out in the streets and ask,
God not forsake ~  iconoclast,
still in the Word, my meal's repast
who would come in ~ (they'll think they're last!)

This way must be the better then
to truly share ~ a lonely yen
the homeless season, seems to fend
on times called "Holidays" commend!