Can I be---

Written by: Ira Dawson

Can I be your punching bag,
	Your dirty rag,
		The one night stand you never had?

Can I be your stepping stone,
	The place to go,
		Your in-between of yes and no?

Can I be your one and only,
	Your only family, 
		The dark at night to keep you lonely?

Can I be your lethal injection,
	Your deadly infection,
		The devil in your holy section?

Can I be your great escape,
	Your favorite place,
		The lonely latch on your rusted gate?

Can I be your means to say it,
	Your way to fake it,
		Your moaning face hid by the blanket? 

Can I be your only breath,
	Your source of stress
		The only thing that makes you wet?

Can I be your blah blah blah,
	Your la la la,
		The flat note that changes it all.