Planned Suicide

Written by: Lillie Williams

Planned Suicide

Lying on the bed
Crying for help
The only other option
Is a slow painless death
She picks up the telephone
Talking to a friend
My life is useless
It somehow must end

There’s no joy in 
Her soul today
Visions of suicide in
Her head do play
When she needed someone
To just be there
They turned their backs
They just didn’t care

She went into the bathroom
And looked into the mirror
Heart broken, lonely,
Sad and teary
No one would answer her
When she calls
No, not a soul,
Not anyone at all 

She held up her arms and
Said, my life is a twist
Seconds later she
Cut both her wrists.
Laying on the floor
In a puddle of blood
Crying, and sad because
No one gave her love

While slowly closing her eyes
One more time she cried;
It’s over for me now
No more hurt inside
Before she planned 
This selfish act
She wrote a note
And explained the facts

The note said I’m leaving
Not that anyone care
When I needed you the most
You were never there
You can’t find my life
Because Now I am free
No one ever cared what 
Happened to me
I don’t have to hear 
Or put up with lies
No one made me do this
It’s a planned suicide!!!!!!!