Chewing Ice

Written by: Emily Pascale

At the pancake house,
I’m chewing ice.
For once, quiet as a mouse.
Tylenol, now, that would be nice.

I’m sixteen, young and bad.
Big Brother looks suspiciously.
If he knows, I hope he doesn’t tell Dad.
“My tooth hurts”, I lie viciously.

Big brother looks real sad.
The guilt inside me creeps real fast.
“If I tell you a secret, promise not to get mad?”
Already regretting what I just asked.

Big brother laughs real loud.
“I’ve done something you told me not to do”
I stick out my tongue and prepare for his shout.
He whispers “I’m very disappointed in you”

“You didn’t listen and now you’re in pain.
Can’t you hear? What’s wrong with your brain?
That’s why you chew ice, which you've never done.
You disobeyed me and pierced your tongue”.