I need to get in running shape

Written by: Josef Rau

She's a runner.
That's why I can't catch her
That's why I can't keep up with her

But my endurance is improving,
Maybe I can match her for a mile

A mile is all I need,
One little chance

But she runs everyday,
And more than once

If I try to run with her
What would she do?
What would she say?

Do you think she would just leave me in the Dust?
Or do you think she would coast on an easy stride?
It's worth a shot.
Would it be a race?
Or would it be just a fun run?

Chasing her does include a lot of bumping elbows,
And all the dirty tricks.
Because I'm not the only boy after her.
It's a big race.

A race I must win..
For Happiness
For love
For her.