A Road Once Traveled

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

A Road Once Traveled I remember waking up one cold morning Realizing that all my happiness was faded away without a warning Felt like in that moment, my whole life came unglued Couldn’t get back the feeling of joy I once knew The road that I was traveling somehow took on a brutal turn Couldn’t find where my fire inside once burned I tried deeply searching for a spark within my soul All that I found there was darkness in a realm so cold The tune that I played in my songs seemed to lose its melody The words were left bound on paper, yet they had no place to be set free Perhaps my enemies were right; my music was never meant to be strung Only words just meant to be spoken but never to be sung So I took the bottle of sleeping pills to never wake up again I prayed that Jesus would forgive me while I determined my life to end I wanted to stay sleeping in a trance where I could dream once more Dreams that never allowed the tears of pain to hit heaven’s door While I was in a deep sleep I heard a soft voice whispering in my ear Captured by a vision of a lady in a white gown with wings of sheer She came over to me and whispered that I needed to live again That Jesus has a mission for my songs to become a world’s legend Days later, the doctors were surrounding me around my hospital bed They said that I was meant to have a second chance, then I reflected what the angel said I didn’t quite believe then what I believe now, a year later My songs became famous by the help from someone a lot greater I’m so blessed that he sent his angel down in my dream To send me a vision of what my life was meant to be In that moment I fought to stay alive because I knew that if I lived again I would continue to follow the road once traveled I used to think was a dead end.
Contest: Suicide Survivor Sponsor: Richard Tarr By: Gail Doyle