Suicide Notes

Written by: Rachel Peysakhova

So, I find this topic very interesting. Suicide notes. Not in the good kind of way, of course, but...Why leave a note? Wouldn't you like to keep them guessing? The word "Suicide" is awfully beautiful. So terribly pretty.
These poems are suicide letters. You'll notice when a new letter is coming. 

Suicide notes-

My dear friends,
I write to you,
From times of sorrow,
you carried me through.
Picked up the pieces,
stitched them together,
Oh how i wish,
I could stick around forever.
But no, dear friends,
it's time to go,
I have to fly free,
there's no more of me to sew.
One by one I'll speak to you,
you'll hear me in your mind,
And no one will know.
One by one I'll write to you,
up in the sky of clear shaded blue.
Here it goes,
Here is one,
Don't you know,
These are suicide notes.

-Who were you, my dear friend?-

Who were you, my dear friend,
glass green eyes,
with piercing blue.
Spoke to me,
words of gloom.
That's all you did, 
it's all you do,
so now i'm saying,
Goodbye to you.
Gleam and Glow,
shine and sparkle,
you let me go.
I know that you're reading this,
So please before you rant,
know this is no joke,
You are a suicide note.

-My sweet friend, You left.-

You know who you are,
you know what you did,
You used to be my shining star.
Before you left,
you went away,
Darling I asked for you to stay.
I know I cant make you,
I know you don't want to,
but do you remember?
I love you.
Too much, too little,
You made me hate you.
Go on with your new friends,
tell them i say hello,
and please let them know,
They made you a suicide note. 

-Oh, my lovely dear friend.-

Ah, and now it's all on you.
The last song of the blues.
Oh my love,
it was all up to you.
You could have saved me,
But you let me be,
sad and alone,
when my dark colors shone. 
But yet,
i'm sorry.
Yes, me.
I'm sorry I ran,
I didn't know how to say,
Man, i messed up,
No more Always.
And These words that were running through my head,
all mixed up,
they all made up to say,
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," 
To stay.
In your way,
I'll go home,
and write about you, 
in my suicide note.