Surviving Suicide

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Twas the worst call we could receive, or so we thought then
It was latish in the evening, not long before ten
“I need to speak to your husband if I may please dear”
It’s terrible news, the worst news I fear.

Your mother is gone, her own life she has taken
There was nothing we could do, your world must be shaken
To get though the following few weeks was a trial
But survive that we did and in fours months we did smile.

Twas the worst call we could receive or so we had thought
But a knock on the door once more our breaths caught
“I need to speak to your wife I’m afraid sir, she will be shaken”
Bad news her brother has gone, his own life he has taken.

Twice in four months what was happening, who could tell?
Neither one connected, it became a living hell
No comfort to be found, no reason, no rhyme.
Depression and guilt engulfed us for a time.

There was nothing to be done for life has to go on
There are more people involved, than just the one gone
If they ever could have seen the devastation that they caused
They would never have done it, they surely would have paused.

But life isn’t’ like that, they were sick beyond belief
As in sound minds they would never inflict grief
Twenty-three years have passed, but not a week goes on by
They are remembered and talked of, but now we don’t cry.

There is life after suicide, their children and families have proved
Even though the memories that they left us, will always leave us moved.
Going back in time with ‘what ifs’ does not help us or them
And we pray to God every day, we never go through it again.