I wish the world will dance our dance
As my voice call for your attention
I am a boy child, but seems am forgotten.
Am not competing with my sisters,
But I wish I can be paid attention,
Because my world too is falling.
I wish this world can be a better place,
Where as a child I feel I am safe.

In some countries I am kidnapped
And made a soldier of war.
Am taken away from my home,
And they kill my defending parent.
They take me through training,
Then put me in the front line.
They don’t care if I die or survive,
Just so they fulfill their dreams.

In the silence of our home am molested,
The house girl takes advantage of me.
My innocence is killed and destroyed,
And my life is often threatened.
My family does not believe in me,
Am always told am telling a lie.
I wish I can paint the picture clearly,
So they can believe me even a bit.

The rags and the sacks are my house,
In the streets where I am made to live.
In the corner of the street I lay down,
And say a prayer before I sleep.
A Good Samaritan gives me food,
As the cold of the night kills me slowly.
It is not that I like to live in the streets,
But my world is turned upside down.

I wish someone can champion my rights,
For me to have my basic rights respected.
I see myself as your tomorrow,
When you need me to carry on and on,
With the dreams you have started.
If this world can be a better place,
Where my existence is appreciated, 
Then I always know, my right is my right.