It's Magic

Written by: Elizabeth Skiba

I see the rainbow on a sunny day
And when I’m with you
Don’t know what to say
It’s magic

I feel the rain drops
Even if no rain
And feel the love
In my heart again
It’s magic

To see the sunshine
On a cloudy day
To feel your touch
When you far away
It’s magic

To walk close beside you
Holding hand in hand
And to see ahead
Our promise land
It’s magic

To feel morning breeze
Dancing in my hair
Walk the path close with you
Doesn’t matter where
It’s magic

And welcome the sunrise
With me next to you
And to sneak a kiss
Maybe even two
It’s magic

When the day will fade away
And the night approach us by
You will kiss my tears away
And you tell me
Please don’t cry
Like magic