The Fire of My Deadly Sins

Written by: Constance Gilmore

I lust for you; my desire melts away at my senses
My need to have you is genuine; no false pretenses
I want you to quench my thirst and feed my hunger
My greed is overwhelming; I feel it taking me under
I just want a taste of you; I know I won’t get enough
Gluttony keeps me near you; pulling away is so tough
You belong to another yet I can’t stop the yearning
Pride won’t allow me to douse the fire that’s burning
I envy the woman who has captured your heart
Like a sloth, I can’t move; I can’t tear myself apart
My heart has grown roots; it’s become firmly planted
But my wrath slowly grows as you take me for granted
I have fallen for you yet you continue to play me…
Your lies keep flowing as you constantly betray me…
I truly care for you but I’m not playing anymore games…
Lord, forgive my sins as his bed engulfs him in flames.