soul's whisper

Written by: Sandra Adams

i stand beneath the moon
and attempt to admire its beauty;
its as full as my mind
with thoughts of you
i feel the breath of wind
a tender, welcomed touch
against my almost bare flesh
it arouses me
as shadows touch
like lips reaching
towards that first kiss
the gleam of a thousand stars
become your eyes
reflecting back at me

passion’s flame ignites
i can hear its thunder 
loud, like a summer's storm 
your inner soul shines 
like lightning across the sky 
i arch my back 
and cherish the warmth
as the wind caresses me 
and feel the rain of affection 
pouring down on me 
soothing me 
i am refreshed 
as i marvel in the beauty
of our relationship 
love full bloom

yet i struggle
like the moon
between clouds
yearning to understand
the abomination
of others
and scorn their darkness
with the beauty of your light