Heartbeat amongst the ice

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

That love she thought had vanished I can reexpose 
Heart frozen like a mannequin but I can change her pose 
Rebuilding her foundation using words for tools 
Rewriting her souls brochure and changing all the rules 

Carving around this diamond and leaving her essence intact 
So brilliant the new colors she now becomes abstract 
I speak to a broken heart from hundreds of miles apart 
Incinerate her old baggage breath life into her new start

My loves gonna have her spoiled rotten 
Softenin her emotions she's damn near cotton 
I am he whom she seeks beyond the wet sheets 
The one who can mentally put her to sleep 

Whisper in your ear and collapse all your fear 
Evaporate tears whenever Im near 
I dont think she'll ever be ready 
Make her heart flutter and aint talkin deadly 

How long can you guard a door meant to be opened 
Trying to mend a heart previously broken 
Finding locks but keys have been stolen 
Hand full of aces but nobody's foldin 

Somebodies gotta be the one to open 
That icebox of the soul when all else is frozen 
Reading her eyes cause no words are spoken 
Her mind was on fire I still see it smokin