no such thing as friends

Written by: Jane Kostman

Today I woke up feeling a little depressed 
Wishing I had someone to talk to that made me feel blessed
Having no friends makes you more than distressed 
Oh maybe I am envious and maybe I am sad but
When others talk of the memories from their friends 
All I truly know is that I feel so left out and it’s getting bad
Each and every day I hear my husband say so many good things about his friends 
And it just makes me keep wishing I had the same 
Oh I know I feel like I am the one to blame
For the things that I cannot change
Such as having friends that disappear
And when I see them again
Some time they will be nice and say hi
Other times they will just keep walking by
Underneath it all I hide my cry 
Only I will ever wipe these tears from my eyes
I know that friends come and some friends go
But for me it is different since I have no friends to know