Written by: Darrel Smith

Scorn is my aim,

It is my hope for salvation.
This was never real! Never! 
it was nauseatingly surreal
 “Relationship” you called it,

“Abomination!”  I say,

Twisting and teasing my yearning. 
Inspiring my passion, my affection,
all to be foil for your mockery!
Expertly you made me suffer,

 Tormenting me!  Torturing me! 

Turmoil !!
OH God! To my soul and further!
to the soul of my soul,
to my inner soul… turmoil!
Tramp, Harlot, vampire of

the innocent bloom of desire.
Igniter of inextinguishable flames,
Purveyor Of lust and the Profane,
I curse you!

 still, this said…

in my mouth,  I still taste you
in my nostrils, I still smell you
my fingertips, remember you.
My heart, Oh God! my Heart, it

wants free of my chest!

It bangs at my chest this betrayer!
My whole body betrays me! 
I want it torn away
tare it Away from me! 
Tare my body away!

It is more hers then mine anyway.
Leave my naked soul to drown in the eithers
Of bodiless breathless slumber
un-encumbered, un-infested, un-tainted.

Anything, Anything, I say

Anything that will pull her out of me,
I will do
You liar, you bamboozler,
You never, ever loved me!...

You were my cherished, my forever

my bitter, my sweet, my tender 
passions temptress. 
But, In vain…In Vain,
all my attempts In vain… and sadly

if I were Breathless, and bodiless, 
             I would love you still.

written For Delilah Ventura dictionary fun contest 11/13/2012