Because I Am White

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Born to privileged status
All because I am white
How would life be different
if I arrived black as night?

Would I live on the streets
trying to survive?
Would I have work
or a car to drive?

Would Justice be blind
when it came to me?
Or would it be the color
of my skin it would see?

Would I understand a world
where progress is slow?
Where I'm judged by appearance
Instead of what I know

For me it's impossible
to fully understand
Living my life of privilege
I am still a white man

Entry 2
Red Detergent

I washed my soul, to achieve maximum Brightness
Used all the best religions, they promised Whitness

I scrubbed realy hard but couldn't get it clean 
Washed it over and over like a good human being

The stains seemed permanent there before my eyes
Would my hope of Whiteness ever be realized?

I listened to Jesus knocking, then his quiet voice
He offered Red Detergent, as the best choice

blood that was spilled, his life sacrificed for me
The Lambs Whiteness, has made me stain free

Entry 3

The Whitness

I read your words
I try to comprehend
Ideas so complex
My mind starts to bend

I can't stop thinking
I am stuck in a trap
It's driving me crazy
I want my brain back

Sinking and sinking
I can't take any more
Poetry in motion
Eating at my core

Wait I see the answer
I'm not under attack
You provided the Whiteness 
To help guide me back

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