The Community of Believers

Written by: Eileen Manassian

Join our community of “believers”
And be shocked by our beliefs
You might think we’re moved by love
But it isn’t quite what it seems

We “believe” in social cannibalism
We tear each other down
And when we’ve had our fill
We go for another round

We “believe” in church politics
We vote for the lovely and fair
We push for those whom we love
Not for those with savoir faire.

We smile and sing and pray a prayer
And give a nice warm embrace
But if we see you outside church
We won’t remember your face

We strongly “believe” in equality
In empowering the weak
But then we forget that ideal
When we don’t let people speak

We “believe” that we are called
To save dying humankind
But to the needs of those around
We tend to be most blind

Come join our community of “believers”
We "believe” in “the Holy ME”
Yea, you thought it was all about
The holy Trinity

Well, that’s ok, just join the club
We’ll be a jolly band
A band of true “believers”
Who won’t lend a helping hand!