in place of jealousy

Written by: andrew delapruch

tells her friends that he’s not
tells her friends she can leave him
tells her friends he won’t go astray,
tells her friends a lot of
knows the truth
that he looks a lot
(they say all men do &
so she ignores the feeling)---
knows the truth
that he’s harder to reach
on the phone when she 
wants him
(they say to give him space
cause’ otherwise you’ll 
smother him)---
knows the truth
he’s doing something
(and even if he isn’t it burns
at her & she can’t say nothing
because if she does she’s
just what goes in place of
for it doesn’t seem that he’s the
least bit concerned 
with where she is or when she is
or how she is or if she’s even
but everybody says that he’s not
jealous & that’s better---
but she could evaporate just like
water boiling in a ****ing pan,
everybody says that he’s not 
jealous &
that’s better.