Winter's Blanket

Written by: Joe Flach

The night sky is the perfect backdrop
For a ballet of falling stars
In the form of fluffy snowflakes
Dancing on the wind sometimes bizarre

They get knitted into a blanket
Covering the ground once green and plush
Go to sleep my little seedlings
Your rebirth we need not rush

The crackling fire plays out a symphony
As I cuddle up with my love
And we watch in perfect harmony
Snowflakes pliƩ in the skies above

The landscape transforms before our eyes
As we watch with pure delight
With hot cider to help warm our hearts
She dons her dress of virginal white

My love sleeps under the blankets
Wrapped up in my folded arms
As I continue watching the winter ballet
Mesmerized by her delicate charms

by Joe Flach, written and pposted on 11/13/2012 for the Winter's Blanket contest.