Wants Of Life

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

We all want a bigger house, a nicer car and more money.
When it rains and is cold, we want it to be to hot and sunny.
We want better jobs, more free time and the perfect life.
We want to be healthier, to be free of worries and strife.

Your boss wants you to work harder and to be more proficient 
Banks and investors want your money, thus making you more efficient 
Parents want and encourage you to be the best that you can possibly be
Even grandparents want a say, you are after all an extension of them, you see.

A friend needs a confidant, wanting to vent or share
They want you to be there for them, knowing that you care
Children and lovers want and need lots of love and attention
Till you feel stretched in every direction, adding to your tension.

It seems in the world today the word want is blatantly overused
Hearing it too much can leave you feeling anything but enthused 
Everyone wanting something from you, whether big or small.
When you want to hear,"What can I offer"... said most of all.

Take a moment and imagine if nobody wanted you for anything at all
No friends, no family, no significant other....no one to call
No laughter, no hugs or kisses, no joy and no love.
Is it not better to be wanted than to never be thought of?

So the next time the word 'want' makes you cringe inside
Try your best to decipher how the word was implied
I for one would rather be 'wanted' as opposed to not
For to know I matter in this world simply means quite a lot!