A Constant Wheel Of Hell

Written by: Jenny Janes

The shame you bring upon my heart,
your words so painfully strong,
the tone you use I get so scared,
but never explained by a song.

My throat is pushed back and when I swallow it hurts,
I force myself to stop,
before i utter a word, the tears
come streaming down my face.

The sadness you inflicted on me
is heavily overpowering,
your voice so stern and your words so sharp,
they sting and I find myself cowering.

They stick in my head and revolve around,
like a constant wheel of hell,
the excruciating pain so deep,
Like your dark hole in which I fell.

My eyes grow wide and I start to shake,
I need to get away,
my true thoughts you will never see,
inside my heart they will always stay.