Written by: kasim ishmael

I have a friend of mines
She’s the biggest red devil fan
And I wish if she can go one day
To see them play in England

She watches every game they play
The post it on her wire club profile
Whenever they score a goal
She will be dancing with a smile

She calls her self manutd4ever
And she’s a 21st centery Pocahontas
And this morning she’s watching football
While she’s having her breakfast

Manchester united vs Chelsea
And the reds making them see blue
Van persie just score three
And Rooney add another two

She’s gentle like a flower
But come to football she’s tough
And if you start talking bout the reds
She can never get enough

Bring arsenal and bring on spurs
And bring on all of the others
And we waiting for man city to arrive
To quiet those noisy neighbors

She got their posters on her walls
The red devils flags around her room
She can’t wait for van persie and Rooney
To beat man city this afternoon

The she will celebrate the victory
And with a smile she will go to sleep
While all those noisy neighbors
Fans lay awake all night and weep

Being a football fan is a part of life
The red devils are constantly on her mind
Can’t stop thinking next match
She lives Manchester united all the time

She reads about the club history
Manchester United was formed in 1878
The Munich air disaster of 1958,
And they still continue to be great

Football on a Saturday she waits for
nothing else can stand in its way
all of life's worries she puts on hold
while watches her red devils play. 

And today victories she celebrate
With her friends in Malaysia
She is a Manchester united fan today 
And she is manUTD4ever