Written by: Elizabeth Skiba

Their love was pure as a gold
They were happy and free
They thought they will grow old
Together in a small house by the sea

He loved to hold her so tight
To feel her heart close to his
He loved to watch her asleep
To wake her up with a kiss

Disaster struck them one day
He was gone like a dream
She couldn't bare the pain
They always were a team

He came to see her once more
He missed her so very much
He would give anything
For her one gentle touch

Only tears on her face
He could touch the most
She didn't know he was there
Simply because he was a... Ghost


Ditto... ditto... ditto to you
Ditto...ditto... always love you
Please take my heart
Please take my soul
Ditto...ditto... I love you so
                                         ... DITTO