Written by: Jon A Cavanaugh

Piping on my old corncob
Piping on a mellow blend
None could stand it at my job
Said one coughing
              "This must end"

               "Pipe away outside the office"
So I piped outside the door
               "Piper, pipe much further onward"
So he piped and coughed some more

                "Drop thy pipe and put it out"
                "Chew on nicorette or gum"
So I checked my empty pockets
For a stick but I had none

                 "Piper sit thee down and wait"
                 "One will go and get thee some"
So he vanished from my sight
But Alas, returned with none

So, I got a separate office
I'd enjoy the atmosphere
And I wrote outside my door
Very heavy smoker here