Radiant Heart

Written by: Eugene Harvey

You are as glorious as
"a radiant sunrise"
at dawn’s first light,
forever lively as 
"the lambent tongues"
of a gentle flame 

You are as alluring as
"the lucent moon" 
in the still of the night,
forever spirited as
"a fiery desert wind"
across illusory dunes

You are as vibrant as 
"a rainbow’s arc"
in quiet tranquil flight,
forever adoring as
a heartfelt gesture
touching the soul 

You are as wondrous as 
"a dazzling firefly’s"
joyful dance at twilight,
forever gentle as 
"a loving mother’s" 
jubilant beaming smile

You are as delicate as 
"a radiant heart’s" 
promise of pure delight,
forever giving as 
a kind and thoughtful
outstretched hand

© Eugene Harvey