Behind The Bitter Love Aesthetics

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

A man who had been living in a dream
Finally woke up from the ignorance, 
In the time when he saw the dream lover running through a distance
He was frantic, immersed in turmoil

For a moment he understood the essence of being abandoned

An old memories...
Confiscate the story about the hidden feelings towards the hemisphere of soul
And somehow the existence of her tides cannot be described and lingered
Naivete against the sense which deems simple
Brought a deep lost which was so devastated

A weaker, who was trying to live as a strong character
A warm smile which conceal all the bitterness which  incomprehensible
A person whose so close, yet too far to be owned
And she is the the owner of his dream

Eventually he was just stopped, stood on the spot where he gazed his paradise gone
As he was smiling for her happiness
Wish for his dream lover to pursue her own happiness
And again he just stood on the edge of his nerves and broke down ...

A love that unspoken ...

A latent desire ...

A glazed stare that could not reveal his pain ...

And only the land where he stood became the silent witness of the bitterness ...

An aesthetic which presented through the dark side of a love ...