Written by: Chidozie Uche

As i breathe, in my conquered castle left with no rusty dime
   I might be of no value than a stinking body
Lying with no memory in its jagged skull staring moody
 Alas! Am still one of em pillar, that holds to kill time.

If you doubt, let the sudden whirlwind sweep me farther
  Whether imbalance wouldn't consume my position wither,
Thus if i lag with my friendly mug of palm wine,rolling my kiff-kiff laughter
  Do not deposit your tank of lank spit on my face nor my spirit with your tongue, 

For, i know, must buy wrapper for the ranting and panting woman, and loaf for the 
yelling children
  And send kolanut to the neighbouring brethren
 But Man must not trespass those gods' barricade
  For the stamp of Hierarchy cannot from our Being fade.

Till one is gone, and another rebuilds the fallen Jerusalem
  For, creator baked all for a purpose and must not bear castigation emblem.