Sync into me - Dictionary fun

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

Abomination! - The scorn that churns out from their mouths at the thought of you and me. Tell me what do they know of passion? They attempt to bamboozle you; stitch doubts into your heart But their hypocrisy must stop! Don’t doubt my affection my love. I cherish you … I adore you. Your word is the frequency that attunes your world into my brain. Your tender touch is the charge that restarts my ailing heart. Your kisses are the whispers that speak to my inner soul Sync into me my sweet. Let our relationship soar like doves serenaded by sunshine. Leave the struggle behind; Put your lips on mine and taste the flame of my burning desire… Feel the heat inside my heart; the cold from pains caused when we’re apart. Stay strong! For without you, life is a beam without balance; a radio without sound; a mirror without glass. The mirage of water in a desert. Stand your ground soldier! I do NOT intend to lose this war. You are the only one that can quell the yearning of my heart. So charge your current to mine… Let our love ignite as we watch the rosebud unravel the bloom.