3000 mile long love

Written by: Davin Payne

there is a clock in my heart, moving my hands
sailing times passage,  blood in the sand
a hug understands my love has been damned
drained of a life source, no plug for the can 
savored and sorted for the store on demand
waving all importance, more for the sham
of falling for the glory,  holes in the glam
 tolls on a man when truth hit the stand
candy for my sights, bright in the night
lit by the morning scorned with a spite
phone off the hook from the static of a crook
who stole someones lovin  based on a look
enthralled with enchantment, my pigeons are doves
connections that can fuzz what i wrote above
unicorns uptown, dating not a sub
patience when it comes to 3000 mile long love