Stimulating Conversation


It’s not very funny
When things change so fast
The passion that I felt
Something I thought would last.

Your youth made me feel alive
That feeling hasn’t changed
But when you open your mouth
I wonder if you have a brain?

The feeling of your hands
They send me into flames
Your mouth so soft and gentle
But out pours idiotic waves!

I thought you were getting to me
The passion was so blinding
Yet uncovering your mind
I notice it is hiding.

Brains and beauty, and the inner kind
Are truly rare, mostly never found
Just as passionate intellectual lovers
Seem to pass me by without a sound!

Ah, what it would be like after wards
When still lying in passions arms
To have a stimulating conversation
And marvel at intelligent charms

Oh, to find that combination
A lover who is smart
Could that be a soul mate
I would give up my heart!