Will We Remember

Written by: Mark Russell

Will we remember or simply forget,
With the future before us, what shall we get?
Fond memories blend with those we regret,
Will the always sun rise or simply set?

Will we remember that life’s made of such?
Things can just change with only a touch.
Will we take off as we release the clutch?
Life is full of moments that mean so much.

Will we remember this life made of gold?
I try to buy back the soul I once sold.
The year passes by, yet another year old.
The lines on my face seemingly get bold.

Will we remember as the cold winds blow?
A chill in the air, it feels much like snow.
The more I learn seems the less I know,
Praying for warmth, so something can grow.

Will we remember that we shall decide?
To stand and fight or just run and hide.
I always feel better with you at my side,
Life ebbs and flows much like the tide.

Will we remember I hope this is true?
So much is defined by what we say and do.
Time disappears on some wings it just flew,
Memories can haunt or just see you through.

Will we remember when it’s all said and done?
To leave behind darkness to stand in the sun.
I dream about things that are yet to come,
I see what I want and try to grab some.